Cool Ass Vlog #3

Check out the 3rd installment of our vlog series. The footage took place from August 13 – August 31. Watch JRB & JuFresh make a beat, the behind the scenes of 2 Kat music videos & watch a few lil nice things shake a lil bit (as seen in the thumbnail of the video lol).

Hona Costello- 1, Ramaj Eroc- Ticket (beats off of the Trap Tape, prod by JRB)

The homies Hona & Ramaj put in some crazy work on some of the beats that were on the Trap Tape (which you can still download for free by just scrolling down on the site by or going here). Hona shot a video shown above to his track named- 1.

And above Ramaj included his track- Ticket as the first track in his Last Ticket EP he just dropped. You can check out the whole project here. Also he got a dope quick write up about himself and the project at this site that’s worth checking out if you want some more info.

Cool Ass Vlog #1

Here is the first video in our Vlog series. It takes place during the dates of July 19 – August 1. If you are here mostly for the beat making content & want to skip ahead, that takes place around the 09:20 mark. Enjoy!!

During those dates the Jarren Benton album dropped (as mentioned in the video) and we produced 4 tracks on there. Please check it out & support. It’s available on all platforms, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. and also iTunes: