Cool Ass Vlog #3

Check out the 3rd installment of our vlog series. The footage took place from August 13 – August 31. Watch JRB & JuFresh make a beat, the behind the scenes of 2 Kat music videos & watch a few lil nice things shake a lil bit (as seen in the thumbnail of the video lol).

Cool Ass Vlog #1

Here is the first video in our Vlog series. It takes place during the dates of July 19 – August 1. If you are here mostly for the beat making content & want to skip ahead, that takes place around the 09:20 mark. Enjoy!!

During those dates the Jarren Benton album dropped (as mentioned in the video) and we produced 4 tracks on there. Please check it out & support. It’s available on all platforms, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. and also iTunes: